Friday, October 08, 2004

A new plan for Iraq

My last post was quite political, but this one could actually save lives (mostly or troops).

I posted this in the forums:

1. Move all AMerican troops to the Iranian and Syrian borders (securely covering as much ground as can be watched) 2. The White House remain silent as to why this is being done until all the troops are in place (evict all "embedded" news personnel) 3. Put the general in charge of our forces on Al-Jazirra TV and invite all insurgents(terrorists) to watch the following demonstration 4. Cut to a wide shot of a REMOTE section of Iraq as a low-level nuclear device is detonated (DON'T FREAK OUT--KEEP READING) 5. Cut back to the general as he says the following: "We have good news and bad news. The good news is that all American forces are withdrawing from Iraq. The bad news is that we are giving an unspecified number of the weapons you just saw to the new Iraqi government. It could be 1 bomb, it could be 1,000 bombs. We strongly recommend that you lay down your weapons now and make peace with the Iraqi government." 6. The insurgents(terrorists) would then do one or both of the following: a)surrender b)attempt to flee the country 7. Those that flee the country would be running smack into an ambush, because our troops would be on the borders wating for them. At that point it would become a "turkey shoot".


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