Monday, September 20, 2004

A Week in the Life, day 2

This morning was an exercise in routine-change. I put a head light on my bicyle and went for a ride this morning while it was still dark. I got back in plenty of time to get Robert up but i guess i spent too much time shaving, as we had to rush to get Robert dressed and off to school.

Work today was a snoozer. People aren't responding to the goofy 50/50 sale that is too complicated to explain.

But tonight is good. Good as in FOOTBALL. One of my previous posts has the link to the website of our fantasy football league. Two of my players are inthe spotlight tonight. I really need them to play "lights out" tonight to keep pace in my division. I lost in the championship game last year. I'd like to win this thing this year. But with everybody an their 3rd cousin getting injured this year, it seems that it will be a test of skill to get to the title game this year.

Barb will be home soon,and yes, I have dinner waiting for her. :)

Day two is next.


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