Friday, September 17, 2004

Remains of the day

As i sit here tonight, my oldest son, Robert (5yrs) is pondering the in's and out's of Yu-Gi-Oh on his desk behind me. I am constantly amazed at how he and his brother, Samuel, are growing. The more they learn and grow, the more of me I see in them. The other day I had a meeting with Robert's teacher and she was describing his behavior in class. It was as if the last 30 yrs never happened and it was me all over again. My mom says that I would raise my hand impatiently and not let the other students answer questions. (even then i was trying to dominate)

It's nice to end the week with a relaxing family time and let the world's concerns fade into the night. After mowing the yard and tiding up the property, i have the feeling i have actually done something today....master of all i survey. Hahahaha


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Hey Bro.Robb! I think your site is really interesting! Love Ya~Mo

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