Thursday, September 15, 2005

FEMA Response.....A Little Perspective

With all of the Media caterwauling about FEMA's "slow" response to Hurricane Katrina (three days), I thought I'd put the media's bias in proper perspective.

Imagine turning to CNN an seeing the following:

NEWS ANCHOR: We now go live to Israel where our own Christine Ammonpour is standing by with a report. Christine?

AMMONPOUR: Yes, I'm standing just outside of Jerusalem at a place called Golgotha. I'm here with Jesus bar Joseph, a preacher from Nazareth who just this past Sunday rose from the dead. This was after a brutal murder just three days earlier. Mr. Jesus, how do you feel?

JESUS: Great.

AMMONPOUR: There are many scholars who say that your resurrection is a key factor in the Christian faith. In fact, most have said that without it, mankind would still be drowning in the flood of its own sin. Now, since there were so many lives hanging in the balance, why did it take you three days to respond to such an urgent need?

'Nuff said.


Anonymous joseph said...

You condemn leftist hysteria...and yet this entire blog is hysterical.
Jeepers, I'm guessing you must replace keyboards twice a month due to spittle rust.
Calm down. Use your brain.
Everyone you oppose is not the Devil.
. You are not God.

6:59 PM  
Blogger therobb said...

First, thanks for visiting The Perspective.

Second, I am humbled that you chose to get to the bottom of the page before posting. That let's me know that there was a good chance that you indeed read some of the articles.

Third, if you read several of the entries, most of them were from the Did You Hear What They Said series.

Most of what you read were quotes, not my own words. In order to illustrate "leftist hysteria" I choose to just let them talk.

Remember it's not a hit-piece, they actually said it.

I don't vent a whole lot on this blog. (If you check the archive section, you'll see what I mean) But when the BS meter starts pegging, that's when I let loose.

I am still trying to find where I have labeled anyone as "the Devil".

I am also trying to figure out where I claimed to be the One who made Heaven and Earth.

Impersonating Deity is against my programming. :)

Again thank you for visiting and responding to The Perspective.

7:37 PM  

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