Friday, September 02, 2005

Hypocrisy.Org--Hurricane Edition

The American Left is already beginning to propagate something that needs to be nipped in the bud right now:

The injecting of racism and class warfare into the Hurricane Katrina aftermath.

Hoping to inflict his twisted world-view upon the Major Media, Jack Shafer writes an article at entitled "Lost in the Flood--Why no mention of race or class in TV's Katrina coverage?"

You can't make this stuff up.

If you wish to imbibe the whole bottle of blather, here's the link:

The excerpt that induced nausea for me was this:

"To be sure, some reporters sidled up to the race and class issue. I heard them ask the storm's New Orleans victims why they hadn't left town when the evacuation call came. Many said they were broke—"I live from paycheck to paycheck," explained one woman. Others said they didn't own a car with which to escape and that they hadn't understood the importance of evacuation.

"But I don't recall any reporter exploring the class issue directly by getting a paycheck-to-paycheck victim to explain that he couldn't risk leaving because if he lost his furniture and appliances, his pots and pans, his bedding and clothes, to Katrina or looters, he'd have no way to replace them. No insurance, no stable, large extended family that could lend him cash to get back on his feet, no middle-class job to return to after the storm."

What difference does race and class make in the wake of what could be the greatest natural disaster to hit this nation?

The color of a person's skin does not change their status as a victim of this storm.

If you are a resident of the city of New Orleans (or the Mississippi Gulf Coast, etc) or a tourist there, you are a hurricane victim.

If Liberals want to be critical in the area of race, then they need to go peddle their onions someplace else.

After 9/11 there was a national debate over the use of "hyphenated" American labels. Terms such as "African-American" or "Italian-American" were beginning to be seen as divisive. By and large, we were starting to drop the prefixes and just simply call ourselves "Americans", and rightly so.

The American Left is now blaming the media for not mentioning race in their reporting, which is an attempt to get them to begin spreading the lie that this is an unfairly damaging circumstance to people of color.

Isn't it funny how Liberals were more than happy to use their cars, vans and buses to bring blacks to the polls to vote for their candidates, but when it came to saving those voters' lives in the DAYS...yes, DAYS before the hurricane struck, those cars, vans and buses were nowhere to be found???


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