Sunday, August 21, 2005

A Teenager Who Gets It

Censoring Conservatives
by Tyler Whitney

America's culture war is fought everyday and the country's most vulnerable soldiers --conservative high school students–are on the front line. Conservative students are ridiculed everyday as we fight to save America from the ongoing leftist assault. Unfortunately, spreading conservative ideas is difficult when administrators muzzle conservative speech and indoctrinate students with liberal propaganda.

Repression is alive and well at East Lansing High School.

On Tuesday March 19th, several conservative students distributed “The Right Way” -- a conservative paper independently organized and published. Instead of receiving accolades for extracurricular involvement, we were reprimanded for distributing our publication before the school approved it.

Frustrated yet cooperative, I visited the board office where Superintendent Dave Chapin banned our paper. Although his reasoning is unclear, he did mention that the John Birch Society is too extreme for East Lansing High School. Apparently, Dr. Chapin felt his superintendent status granted him authority to rate the extremity of content.

That night I immediately fired off press releases to every major media outlet. I wanted to make the world aware that East Lansing High School was taking unconstitutional actions. Thankfully, I wasn't the only person who believed that ELHS was in the wrong. East Lansing High School received numerous phone calls from angry conservatives nationwide about the censorship of our paper.
Due to the awkward nature of the situation, I managed to completely avoid speaking to administrators while media coverage continued to pile up.

Eventually, Principal Paula Steele granted our paper the status of a Non School Organization, meaning we had the same rights as groups that meet in the building after school.

Despite that, I was later informed that any content that can be traced to East Lansing High School must be removed. Principal Steele wanted me to remove an ad for my Teenage Republicans club as well as several other insignificant things.

Feeling rebellious, I distributed my paper with the banned content. As expected, I was reprimanded. Unfortunately, my punishment was quite severe. Not only was I suspended but more than 200 copies of “The Right Way” were trashed by school authorities.

After weeks of fighting, I have decided to give in to East Lansing High School's Stalinist policies. I can't call my battle completely pointless because I've created awareness about the cultural bolshevism prevalent in America's high schools.

As a dedicated conservative activist, I will continue to publish more issues and inform our nation about America's biggest threat: Liberal indoctrinators who try to create unthinking minions with their biased multicultural education and its anti-male slant. If conservatives rise up, we can create a cultural backlash against the tide of liberalism corrupting America's youth.


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