Monday, July 18, 2005

"Nuff Said!"

I have refrained from posting anything about the "Valarie Plame Name Game" .

You know, that scandal wanna be.

But after coming across an article by Michael Bowers, I felt that I just had to post it here along with the link.


This could be the stupidest non-scandal ever
Sunday, July 17, 2005
Michael Bowers, Star columnist

In its lust to take down Karl Rove, the Washington press corps is protecting Joe Wilson by failing to tell the American people who he really is. So let me do it: Wilson is the Ward Churchill of the U.S. State Department.

Before his outburst, Churchill was an obscure professor in Colorado. Before his outburst, Wilson was an obscure former diplomat at Foggy Bottom.

Churchill called the victims in the Twin Towers "little Eichmanns," based on his hate for America.

Wilson called George Bush a liar based on a two-week junket to Niger in which he lounged by a hotel pool and listened to his contacts tell him, "Uranium? We don't know nothin' about no uranium."

Churchill is a sanctimonious fraud, claiming to be a Cherokee so that he can enrich himself and smear America.

Wilson is a sanctimonious fraud, claiming to be a Karl Rove victim so that he can enrich himself and smear George Bush. (He went on to serve as an adviser to the Kerry campaign.)

Now, here is the one most important thing you need to know about Joe Wilson. First, he complained bitterly that Rove had jeopardized the life of his wife, Valerie Plame. (Later he qualified himself and accused not Rove but "whoever did this.")

Yet, six months later, this man posed with his wife for a full-color, two-page photograph in Vanity Fair magazine.

Hypocrisy? Cynicism? Greed? Or simple stupidity? You make the call.

Here is the timeline: In July 2003, columnist Robert Novak wrote that according to two senior administration sources, Wilson was assigned his Niger fact-finding trip on the recommendation of his wife at the CIA.

(By the way, a Senate committee has proved that Wilson lied when he said his wife was not involved. Or, to use the punctuation that the Angry Left prefers when discussing Bush: WILSON LIED!!!)

Next, in October 2003, the couple made an appearance at which Wilson received an award for "truth-telling" from The Nation magazine. Our brave diplomat teared up, addressing his wife in the audience with the words, "If I could give you back your anonymity ... I would do it in a minute."

Finally, in January 2004, what do you know? The Vanity Fair photo appeared.
So much for giving Valerie back her anonymity.

Wilson's explanation is that the photo didn't matter because the White House had already blown Valerie's cover. And, of course, it had nothing to do with sales of his book, "The Politics of Truth: Inside the Lies That Led to War and Betrayed My Wife's CIA Identity." Sure, Joe.

Karl Rove recognizes the Ward Churchill character of this man. That's why he told a Time reporter, on "double super-secret background," not to take Wilson's Niger report too seriously.

Now this innocuous warning is being twisted into an evil meme that Rove outed a spy for revenge. It's nonsense.

The law that Rove "violated"? The Wall Street Journal summed it up well last summer: "The 1982 Intelligence Identities Protection Act was written in the wake of the Philip Agee scandal to protect the CIA from deliberate subversion, not to protect the identities of agents and their spouses who choose to enter into a national political debate."

In other words, the law aids deep-cover agents in hostile lands who usually face death if exposed.

Does this sound like a description of Valerie Plame, who in 2003 was a desk officer at the CIA in Langley, Va., with 3-year-old twins at home? A woman whose social circle included neighbors and reporters who already knew full well where she worked?

To ask the question is to answer it.

But Democrats press on. They fear and loathe Rove because he knows how to defeat them. They've lost all branches of government. Their situation worsens with every Supreme Court retirement. So they must do something to prove they still matter.

They must get Karl Rove.

If they succeed, it will be a victory only in their own imagination, just as the bombs in London were a victory only in the imagination of the Islamists. Already I can almost hear the jubilation among the press corps:

"Rejoice, for we have taken revenge against the Bush administration! The heroic reporters have carried out a blessed raid in Washington! The White House is burning with fear, terror and panic!"

Yes, I imagine Republicans will be embarrassed for a time. But we needn't worry too much, because in the big picture, the Democrats are hurting themselves more than they're hurting Bush.

This is because a crucial unintended result of the Fitzgerald investigation is that a federal court, by jailing Judith Miller of the New York Times, has dealt a harsh blow to the notion that reporters are entitled to keep their sources secret in the name of the "common good."

Thus, reporters' use of anonymous sources will drop. This hurts Democrats badly, because reporters don't use anonymous sources to take down Democratic presidents. They use anonymous sources to take down Republican presidents.
Furthermore, Rove has already done his job.

He got Bush elected in 2000 and re-elected in 2004. If he must quit now, he'll just go to work on the 2008 campaign of Bill Frist or Condi Rice. The temporary loss of his services will be a small price for Republicans to pay in exchange for a long-lasting blow to the power of the left-wing press.

So, Democratic partisans, keep pummeling away at the man you love to hate. You are destroying yourselves and don't even realize it. Thank you for making life easier for Republicans.


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