Monday, July 04, 2005

Multi-Media Road Tour: Forever 9/11

I have been hearing so much about how Americans in general have "forgotten" the tragedy of 9/11.

Rush Limbaugh has mentioned several times that we are a "visual society"--we react stronger to pictures than just words.

For example, all the negative images coming out of Vietnam went against any good news from the warfront at the time.

The same is happening now in Iraq: there ARE good things happening there, but not only are they NOT getting reported, we are daily bombarded with negative video of IED's exploding or our soldiers' dead bodies getting carted off or something.

The President is having to fight through all that because the media has a strangle-hold on how this war is portrayed. Hence the seeming lack-of-support for the war (I know about some polls saying 60% want us to stay the course--you know what I'm getting at).

With all this in mind, why not do an "end-run" around the media and use a multi-media presentation to remind America why this war on terror is necessary, why we are in Iraq and why our troops (and their Commander-in-chief) need our support?

Here's a picture that shows what I have in mind:

Image hosted by

The presentation could be free to the public, perhaps underwritten by willing donors to cover the cost.

Here's a possible promotional poster:

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This type of stuff could be labeled as propaganda, but then again, there are those of you out there that remember going to the movie theatres and seeing newsreels about how WWII was going. It was a constant reminder of America's need for vigilance.

Perhaps that is what we need today.............


Anonymous LadyPhoenix said...

Are you sure that your government hasn't forgotten? What with this whole Iraq thing and all. I mean, I have heard our President, with my own ears, say he wasn't really thinking about Osama Bin Laden. I mean, that right there is the role model of the American people. If he's not to worried about Osama Bin Laden, why should we be, right? Just a thought.

8:40 AM  
Blogger therobb said...

The idea I was floating was meant to remind Americans that we ARE at war. Those of us who are active enough to populate the blogosphere don't need reminding, but Joe Citizen just might.

Americans, as a group, seem only to respond when something powerful happens to them or is presented TO them.

I'd rather have a wake up call in the form of a multi-media presentation than an actual terroist attack.

Again, this is just an idea that I sent up as a trial balloon. It hasn't gotten much notice....until now.

8:50 PM  
Anonymous LadyPhoenix said...

You know, I've always been utterly disgusted by the apparent apathy of my generation. They don't care about anything. And those that do, do for all the wrong reasons.

I have to say that the things that happened in NYC and at the Pentagon that day were atrocities, atrocities that no one should ever have to face. And I could never, in a million years justify what happened there, even though I do have a more clear idea than most as to why.

The next thing, the war in Iraq is reported by our own people and the british as not winable. I am appalled by the fact that our President lied to us about why he went over there. I did not give him permission to go to war for just that reason. Iraq had absolutely NOTHING to do with 9/11. This war was totally unjustified. Have you ever heard of The Project for The New American Century? If not, check them out. Those people plotted and planned the war in Iraq long before our current president took office. And quite a few of the men who contributed to that radically conservative militaristic manifesto are serving in the president's cabinet today. I don't know about you but that scares the crap out of me.

Lastly, you see how quickly the unity we felt on 9/11 died off. That was the worst part of all of it. I thought, for a second, that my generation, having faced such a blatant attack on our own soil, would take that as a reason to come together and be productive. Such is not the case. They are just as lazy and apathetic as always. I will agree with you that the American population as a whole is far too complacant for its own good. We are so complacant that we sit by and watch our President and his Homeland Security rape us of every last right. I'd like to see the federal government stripped down to what the constitution, itself, originally provided for. There are no more checks and balances. With all of congress, the presidency, and soon the supreme court dominated by these domineering radical militarist... Can't think of a good noun there... We are becoming a fascist nation. You know, I'd heard that term used so many times, and I thought "no, that's not right, it can't be right." But I looked up the definition of that word and you know, it is totally right. That's exactly what is happening here. And it scares me, it really scares me.

1:00 PM  

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