Saturday, January 08, 2005

Godspeed, My Brother

Obituary: Robert Edward Pike

This past Thursday January 6, my brother-in-law, Robert Pike died of heart failure in his home in Millington, Tennessee. He was 32.

Robert had always been involved in youth work to some extent his entire life. At his church in Oklahoma, he was part of a large youth group and played an active role in witnessing and youth games and activities.

About two years ago, Robert came to me and told me of how he felt God wanted him to help with GTS. I found quickly that he was always ready to teach when I could not be there. He brought a unique perspective to table, and I was happy to have his input. He had a straight-forward style that some thought was abrasive at times. But soon they discovered that what he lacked in eloquence, he more than made up for in love.

He had a long battle with diabetes since his teenage years. The struggle seemed to define his life, because he refused to let it beat him spiritually. Even though it claimed his life in the end, his spirit and strength-of-will live on.

He is survived by his wife, Robin, and his five year old son, Adam Dalton Pike.
Funeral services were held at Bartlett Funeral Home at 1:00pm today.

Godspeed, my Brother.


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