Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Talk show host and commentator Mark Levin nailed it with the following entry at National Review Online :

First there was John Roberts. Now there's Sam Alito. The left-wing battle plan honed since 1987 during Bob Bork's confirmation hearings is flopping badly. And there are several reasons for this.

Today Americans have a much more sophisticated understanding of the proper role of judges. First and foremost, the judiciary has so exceeded the bounds of its legitimate authority that the public has taken notice of, and interest in, its egregious abuses of power.

From upholding the seizure of homes and barring a display of the Ten Commandments in a courthouse, to conferring rights on terrorists and benefits on illegal immigrants, the accumulation of these policy decisions are troubling not just to conservative intellectuals, but wide swaths of American society which are affected directly by these rulings.

Conservatives have also done a superior job in explaining their case against judicial activism by way of the new media. Long before these hearings, Rush and Sean, among others, have been educating millions about the framers' intended limits on the judiciary, and have exposed the underlying hostility for representative government motivating the judicial supremacists.

The Left is now forced to defend the idea that the dictates of nine lawyers in black robes should set national policy, while conservatives are defending popular sovereignty and the founding principles. The liberal senators on the Senate Judiciary Committee look frustrated and sound incoherent because, well, they are.

Their problem is that when you don't have fidelity to the written Constitution, your judicial philosophy, such as it is, consists of nothing more than strained and often contradictory arguments made for the purpose of advancing a political and policy agenda. Hence, we hear Dianne Feinstein demand from Alito adherence to judicial precedent respecting Roe v. Wade (Arlen Specter refers to is as super-precedent), and in the next breath acceptance of something called a living and breathing Constitution.

As for Borking — the smearing of conservative Supreme Court nominees through blatant dissembling about their character and thinking — it falls flat today because the American people have become largely immune to the strategy. It has been unleashed with such frequency and fury during the last 20 years that even a casual observer understands that every conservative nominee cannot possibly be a racist, sexist, and unethical pervert.

And the left-wing groups that serve this poison, such as Hollywood's People for the (Un)American Way and the radical Alliance for (In)Justice, have lost what little credibility they once may have had with the public. Sam Alito will be confirmed. The only question is how much more damage the Democrats will inflict on themselves during the course of these hearings.

Then there's the Socialist Spin on this from

"As BuzzFlash Predicted, the Dems in the Senate are Once Again Getting Rolled Because They Lacked the Courage to Take on Alito Before "The Big Show." NYT Headline: "Judge Alito Proves a Powerful Match for Senate Questioners." Our Constitution and Democracy are at Stake and the Dems Think a Staged Performance Means Something."

It links to a NY Times article detailing the pimp-slapping that Judge Alito dished out during the Judiciary Hearings.

Too funny.


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