Saturday, June 04, 2005

Excuse Me, Would You PLEASE Break the Law??

This is equal parts funny and outrageous:

A guy named Geov Parrish at wrote an article called (are you ready?) "Waiting for a Scandal".

Here's an excerpt:

"Vietnam era dissident Daniel Ellsberg has been touring the country for the past year, urging federal officials within earshot to do as he did with the Pentagon Papers, to do as Deep Throat did with the Watergate cover-up, and to leak to the press what they know of the Bush Administration's misdeeds."

Let me get this straight : He's actually pleading with Federal officials to break the law?

In their mis-guided zeal and hatred of President Bush, liberals are willing to do anything necessary (including breaking the law) to take down a sitting President.

Well, if they are successful, they go from the frying pan into the fire, so to speak. Dick Cheney would succeed Bush.

"Well, Robb, then they'd go after Cheney."

Not so fast. Cheney could insulate himself from that by nominating a new Vice-President that the liberals would NEVER want in office.

John Ashcroft. :) (giggle)


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