Friday, May 27, 2005

So Much for Hillary's Centrism.....

Much has been made of Senator Hillary Clinton's alleged "move to the center". In this article, Hillary is trying to lay low during the conflict over judicial filibusters:!nationworld&s=1037645509161

A few excerpts bear examining:

"Presidential politics may be a factor in Clinton's reserve, experts said, and she may be calculating that being too vocal could hinder her efforts to moderate her image."

This leads me to ask: "Hey Hillary, what is your stand on this issue?"

If Hillary is such a moderate, why didn't she get involved with Senator John McCain's "Gang of 14" moderates that diffused the showdown over judicial nominations?

Indeed, instead of showing support for that grand act of centrism by the "Gang of 14", Hillary showed her disdain for centrism by VOTING AGAINST ONE OF THE NOMINEES THAT WAS INCLUDED IN THE DEAL.

For proof of that she did this here is the link to the official web page of the US Senate:

Every Senator that voted against Pricilla Owen voted AGAINST the moderates and the deal that they struck.

Upon visiting the above link, you will also discover that Senator Robert Byrd of West Virginia was the ONLY DEMOCRAT to vote in favor of Judge Owen.

By voting against Judge Owen, Hillary put herself TO THE LEFT of a former KKK member!!!!

"For somebody who is spending a lot of time taking a slow walk to the middle, this is probably not an issue she felt she needed to take a stand on," said Jennifer Duffy, a Senate expert for the Cook Political Report.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This was not a grand act of centrism by 14 members of the Senate. It was an act of cowardice by 14 politicians--7 who feared going against their own party and 7 who were afraid of standing up to the dishonest politics being run on capital hill by the majority.

A centrist move would be to examine the record of Priscilla Owens and suggest the Administration stop rehashing old nominees and select a more appropriate person for the job.

11:24 PM  

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