Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Clinton Legacy Falling Apart, Volume 97

Here is a link to a rather lengthy article detailing the failure of the signature plan of Clinton's presidency: Attack the rising crime rates of the early 1990s by putting 100,000 more cops on America's streets.

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Here are some excerpts to whet your whistle:

"Federal audits of just 3% of all COPS grants (Community Oriented Policing Services) have alleged that $277 million was misspent. Tens of thousands of jobs funded by the grants were never filled, or weren't filled for long, auditors found. And there's little evidence that COPS was a big factor in reducing crime."

"The link between COPS grants and lower crime rates has been further obscured by the experience of cities such as Oklahoma City, which did not participate in the police hiring program - and yet saw crime rates drop by as much as those in cities that got grants."

In other words, throwing money at the crime problem achieved......



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