Saturday, April 09, 2005

Hipocrisy in Action.Org

Check out this excerpt from

"The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) strategy, still in development, aims to make ethical charges the touchstone of those campaigns and would use several high-profile local races to create a national image of corruption in the GOP-controlled House of Representatives."

Why not just tell the American electorate "Here's what we're for and here's what we believe should be the agenda for America and this is why we want you to vote for us,"???

Is it because they can't be honest about that agenda?

Is it because they can't be honest and they know it's a losing agenda, unless the judiciary gets involved??

I got curious, so I visited and found the following:

"President Bush and the Republican leadership would have the United States "go it alone" in dangerous conflicts around the globe ignoring the small interconnected planet on which we all live."

Gee, it's a shame that no Democrat has ever planted the seeds of democracy in the Middle East. You know, the kind where FREE ELECTIONS ARE THE ORDER OF THE DAY.

And then this:

"We cannot let Tom DeLay and the Republican Congress continue to derail and intimidate in their quest to overrule our American priorities."

"OUR American priorities" WHOSE priorities??? The DNC's??

Please consult the election results of Novemeber 2004.

Liberal causes were voted down across the board!


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